NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Refractor Telescope 70/900


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National Geographic 70/900 (NG70900) is an excellent beginner telescope.

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The 70-mm refractor telescope is a classic and can be used for either astronomy or nature observations (e.g. of wild animals). The 900 mm long focal length gives a sharp and brilliant picture. The telescope features the new MPM mount, which is versatile and easy to use.


It can be used in azimuthal mode (for terrestrial observations) or in equatorial mode (for astronomical use). Despite its versatility, the MPM mount is extremely flexible, compact and lightweight for easy handling.

About this item

  • The lens telescope is a classic refractor and enables observations of the night sky as well as landscape and animal observations at a great distance. The innovative MPM mount makes it very easy to use.
  • The focal length of 900 mm ensures an excellent image and with the 3 eyepieces (H-20 mm, H-12 mm, SR-4 mm) magnifications up to 337x (max. 140x recommended) can be achieved.
  • The Multi-Purpose Mount is suitable for observations in azimuthal and equatorial mode. It is also very compact and easy to transport.
  • Dimensions: 90x9x9 cm / Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Scope of delivery: refractor telescope; MPM mount; eyepieces; viewfinder; 3x ereceting lens; zenith mirror; rotatable star map

Key points :

  • High quality refractor telescope with Multi-Purpose Mount for observing in alt-azimuth and equatorial mode
  • Lens diameter: 70mm / Focal length: 900mm
  • Magnification: 45x-337x (max. recommended: 140x)
  • 6x25mm optical finder / 3 eyepieces (4,12,20mm) / 3x erecting lense
  • Scope of delivery: Refractor Telescope, MPM mount, eyepieces, optical finder, 3x erecting lens, zenith mirror, rotatable star map


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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Refractor Telescope 70/900
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