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Astronomy Kits

Explore the cosmos with our wide range of astronomy kits, including telescopes, & stargazing essentials, designed to ignite your curiosity about the universe.


Ignite your passion for discovery with our diverse collection of science kits, offering engaging experiments and hands-on learning across various scientific disciplines.


Unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills with our DIY kits, designed to inspire innovation and exploration through interactive projects.

Empower Learning Through Exploration

Ignite Curiosity, Build Tomorrow: Shop Our STEM, Astronomy and Science DIY Kits!

Customers Reviews

Received this today and my son enjoyed assembling it and was very happy to see it after assembly 👍🏻 It's really well made and the YouTube video gave all the instructions in detail. Thank AXSX for this thoughtful DIY kit.
Vidya Patil

Deal Of The Day 15% Off On All Product

Deal Of The Day 15% Off On All Product

I got this Chandrayaan 3 DIY kit for my daughter, The kit contained all the necessary materials and clear instructions for each experiment. I learned so much about LVM 3, Vikram Lander and Pragyaan Rove while having a blast.
Rahul Vidya

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